Anxiety Treatment


Are You Racing Through Your Life Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Unhappy?

Are you stuck, as if you can’t seem to move forward on your own? Does every day feels like a fight to a finish line that keeps on moving? You might feel like you should be happier…but you’re just are not. You may wonder if you have a problem with anxiety, or maybe depression.

Maybe decision-making sometimes seems impossible to you. Every next step might seem fraught with peril. What if you make a mistake? Perhaps you can’t stop second-guessing yourself. You may vacillate between worrying endlessly about the future and ruminating regretfully about the past.Sometimes, you might get stuck on a tiny detail, maybe an interaction you had at a party that didn’t go as well as you hoped. You may find yourself replaying it over and over in your head, wishing you had handled it differently, even though you know the other person probably hasn’t given your exchange a second thought.You may wonder why regular life seems harder for you than for anyone else. You long for a sense of ease. Maybe you’ve tried different techniques – distracting yourself, practicing yoga, attempting to mediate – but each attempt feels like trying to use your hands to carry water: constricting, difficult, and unsustainable.

Many People Struggle With Anxiety

You are not alone in feeling this way. Most people experience excessive worry, a racing mind, and overwhelming emotions from time to time. These feelings are a sign that something needs to change. We live in an anxious time, and it can feel impossible to take steps that actually work when it comes to dealing with anxiety. If you receive the right kind of support, you can change this negative, cyclical pattern.


Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Relief

I have helped many people who have struggled with anxiety begin to find relief. My approach to anxiety treatment is a combination of mindfulness work, solution focused talk therapy, and on-going accountability. Awareness plus constructive, consistent action is the key to creating your “right” life. This approach has worked wonders for many of my clients, and I employ these strategies in my own life.Our goal is not to root out anxiety completely – you need your sense of danger intact for when something is truly wrong. Instead, we want to put it in its rightful place: a proficient but not overly reactive watchdog in charge of perusing the landscape for potential difficulties. Right now the watchdog is the dictator of You, Inc. and it’s time for a regime change.With help, you can develop tools to accept what you cannot change and to commit to value-driven action to change what you can. You can get your mind out of the regrets of your past and the worries in your future, and focus instead on the present, where you can take meaningful action. You can create a renewed sense of possibility in your life.

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you feel better, but still have questions or concerns…

What if I’ve tried anxiety treatment before and it didn’t work for me?

If you have tried to seek anxiety treatment before and it didn’t help, it may not have been the right kind of treatment. While traditional psychoanalytic therapy can provide great insight, it often encourages the kind of unproductive ruminating that may have gotten you into trouble in the first place. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems on the same level of consciousness that created them.” While insight is important, without the constructive action piece, you’ll be left spinning your wheels. With help, you can put all of the pieces together.

But so many people in the world have worse problems. Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out for myself?

The feeling that you and your problems are not worth time and energy is, in itself, a symptom of anxiety. There are many things you can do on your own to reduce anxiety, starting with simply getting enough sleep (most important!), eating healthy food, and exercising daily. Next, you could set up a simple daily meditation practice and create a system for organizing your time that leaves you feeling focused and productive.The thing is, most people wrestling with anxiety and depression need extra support to get these routines in place. The ultimate goal of anxiety treatment is not simply to get you back to baseline, where you are merely managing your life, although that is a great start. The real prize is to soar beyond baseline, into a strengths-based, values-driven life. Most people need extra support to get to this level.

I feel guilty spending money on myself.

It’s true – anxiety treatment is a real investment in yourself, in terms of both time and money. Making the commitment to do this for yourself can be a big stumbling block for some people. But it is also worth considering the cost of doing nothing. While the emotional, social, and spiritual costs of high anxiety are obvious, is it possible that your struggle with anxiety is hampering your financial growth? What sort of career advancement might you see if you were unburdened from this anxiety? How would your work performance change? What exciting side projects might you take on? The truth is, unchecked anxiety is a huge detriment to your financial well-being because it kills creative problem-solving and big-picture thinking. The cost of treatment might be peanuts compared to the long-term cost of inaction.If now isn’t the right time for you to get support and make positive changes in your life, I invite you to ask yourself when will be?

This is your one life. If not now, when?



You Can Live the Life You Want

“Tonya is an empathic, insightful, and resourceful therapist. She works extremely well with people having difficulties coping with their anxiety. Her care and compassion allows her to see the best in people, and this often helps them find and nurture their inner strength and resilience to work through whatever difficulty may have brought them to her door. I enthusiastically recommend her to client seeking anxiety treatment.” – Paola Bailey, Psy.D.


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