I offer one-one therapy and coaching to individuals coping with anxiety, depression or trauma, or who are looking for support during a major life change.  I work in 12-session cycles, in which we identify the goals for each cycle at the beginning and then make sure there has been good progress at the end.  You will cope better with difficult feelings, and move forward in your life with a sense of purpose, self-awareness and renewed sense of possibility.


In couples therapy, you will learn to communicate more honestly and intimately, to let go of the need for control, and make room for both closeness and independence in the relationship.


Individual sessions are $200/45 minute session, Couples session are $250/60 minute session.
90 minute intensives are $350.

If you have out of network benefits, I will provide you will a super-bill each month for you to provide to your insurance for reimbursement.