Adults with ADHD

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, and insecure?

Adults with ADHD - Tonya Lester• Do you often feel like you aren’t living up to your potential and don’t quite have your act together?
• Do you usually feel anxious, as though there is way too much on your plate, but then as soon as you have some unscheduled time, you feel oddly out of sorts and down?
• Do you often speak out impulsively or just “space out” during conversations?
• Do you long for clarity, organization, and a sense of control over your life?

Perhaps you wonder why you can’t focus on a task or seem to make significant progress. You may think of yourself as spacey or lazy, or wonder if you are fundamentally inept in some way. As one client described, “I feel like I’m smart, but then one part of my brain is soft.”

Maybe you are unsure what to do or where to turn for guidance, as it seems that no one understands your thoughts and feelings. You may feel frustrated and fear that something is holding you back from living the life you want.

Many Adults Struggle With ADHD

You might have heard of Attention Deficit Disorder and just assumed it’s a label put on underachieving, hyper kids. Actually ADD and ADHD also affect adults. With women especially, this condition often goes undetected. ADD/ADHD in an adult can make you feel like you’ll never get your act together and succeed like you know you could, make staying organized a Sisyphean task, and make engaging in relationships difficult.

The impact of ADD/ADHD on adults is two-fold. First, the way your mind works is out of step with the conventional society, which can make certain working environments, social situations, and tasks of day-to-day life more difficult for you. Second, decades of dealing with these issues may have led to additional problems such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and relationship difficulties. Years of feeling as though your best isn’t quite good enough, worrying that no one understands you, and fearing that you can never achieve what you want in life would drag anyone down.

Adults With ADHD Can Find Relief

The good news: You are not lazy or inept. You might be a little “spacey,” but that can be a good thing. Your brain is a creative, smart, energetic thoroughbred that, just like the racehorse, needs to be set on the right track. With the support of a therapist, life-style adjustments, and greater understanding (starting with yourself!), your life can transform.
I have dealt with this issue in my own life and am passionate about sharing hard-won strategies and building understanding around this issue. You don’t always have to feel like you’re running as fast as you can but will never catch up. In fact, not only can you implement systems to mitigate the difficulties that can come with having this condition, you may even come to appreciate what is special and advantageous about the way you think and operate.

You can learn the tools you need to be successful in life and relationships. As an adult with ADHD, your past difficulties do not necessarily foreshadow the rest of your life. In therapy, you can learn how to mitigate the frustrating parts of this condition and emphasize the strengths. You can learn to address and take care of your needs in order to reach your potential and live a meaningful life.

You may believe that therapy can help you as it has helped other adults with ADHD, but still have questions or concerns…

But everyone I know feels this way. Is this a “real” thing?

With constant distractions, expectations and the feeling that life keeps speeding up, it can feel like the 21st century is colluding to give many adults ADHD. The truth is, this condition exists on a continuum. At one end are people who occasionally space out an appointment and at the other, people who feel like their lives are hanging together by a thread.

The question for you is whether you feeling getting support around this could improve your life.

If I have ADD/ADHD, can’t I just take medication to fix it?

Medication can be an important tool for some adults with ADHD, but for others, it does not work at all. Research has shown that individuals who combine both medication and therapy achieve the best results.

Regardless, this isn’t an illness to be cured, but a state to be managed. My approach – which combines talk therapy about the deep impact ADHD can have on your life with a coaching model to put systems into place to make things run more smoothly – is exceedingly helpful whether you are also taking medication or not.

I’m a successful person in most areas, but this really resonates with me. Are there successful adults with ADHD?

Yes! Many very successful adults, especially entrepreneurs and artists, have ADD/ADHD. Thomas Edison is thought to have had ADHD! You have probably come up with ingenious ways to minimize the negative effects of the condition, while taking advantage of the benefits, which typically include creativity, spurts of hyper-focus, and intuitiveness.

For the highly successful adults with ADHD, I focus therapy around building on your success, addressing areas of life that are less successful, and hopefully making things a little easier day to day.

My peers agree that I can help you find relief:

“Tonya Lester is a truly gifted therapist. She is fully invested in her client’s well-being, creative in her work, and truly determined to make a difference in every client’s life. She is continually looking to deepen her work and grow as a clinician and a person. I feel luck to have Tonya as a trusted colleague and indispensable resource. Tonya is inspirational, not only to her patients, but to her colleagues.” – Elizabeth Goodman, LCSW, Psychotherapist

You don’t have to battle the symptoms of ADHD and ADD alone. Don’t let your life sit on hold. Why wait? If you think therapy for adults with ADHD can benefit you, sign up for a free phone consultation.